Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bad news, good news . . .

A little cluster of observations and links, by way of my reactions to this difficult week. Obviously, a body-blow of an election for many of us who have been devoting ourselves to a different outcome. But perhaps a few glimmers of hope out there too.

Bad news: 11 out of 11 ballot initiatives against gay marriage passed. Many gays were bowled over by this national show of hatred. I recommend Andrew Sullivan's reflection on election day and the days ahead.

Good news: Every single Massachusetts legislator who voted against the Massachusetts anti-SSM amendment won re-election (despite an organized effort to "punish" them).

Bad news: The alarmists say a theocratic coup is underway.

Good news: We really do continue to look like one purple nation, despite election-day maps.

Pretty bad news: A crop of real crazies were voted into the Senate this year.

Really good news: Semi-moderate Arlen Specter of PA, who survived assaults from both his left and his right this year, and who now becomes the head of the Senate judiciary committee, warns President Bush against extremist right-wing judicial nominees (and even comments on the intellectual shallowness of the federal bench these days).

Random mapping insights: Here are a couple of alternative flip explanations of what might be signified by the distribution of red and blue states these days . . .

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