Monday, March 07, 2005

Bankruptcy bill play-by-play

Hunter at dailyKos provides an excellent summary of the tragic bankruptcy bill that seems on its way to approval in Congress -- no only of what the bill itself does (stripping away protections offered by consumer bankrupcty filings while exempting corporate bankruptcy), but of the host of very reasonable-seeming amendments proposed and rejected (complete with notes on Democrats who voted with the Republican bloc on thse matters). Among these squelched amendments were protections for people whose problems were caused by identity theft, as well as those crushed by medical bills, and others to discourage predatory lending practices or help elderly people keep their homes.

How inhumane does a result have to be before it elicits sympathy from these Values Republicans?? And yet most of this seems to be below the national radar . . .

Update: Hunter further suggests viewing this legislation in the context of a larger GOP legislative war on the middle class. He's brainstorming ideas for how to make this point to the American public.

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