Monday, May 09, 2005

Coming out in the open

The creationists and proponents of Intelligent Design are discovering that nobody buys their "alternate scientific theory" veil for religious dogma. So they take the next logical step, proposing that Kansas "alter the definition of science, not limiting it to theories based on natural explanations." Well, that would be a change!

I'm with Hunter at dailyKos, who opines
My problem with this debate is that this isn't about being pro-religion or anti-religion or faith-neutral; it's about institutionalizing stupidity as a valid lifestyle choice.
And I'm less worried about stupidity as a lifestyle choice (which natural selection can handle) than with institutionalized stupidity as a societal choice, which means we could all go down in flames together, comfortably free of any pesky notions of action and consequence . . .

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