Monday, May 02, 2005

Hunting down the last imagined witches

Echidne reports that the new uber-head of PBS is attempting to instill greater "balance" by getting GOP operatives to help monitor the content of shows and give advice on future decisions. Among other things.
Mr. Tomlinson wants to make the PBS fairer and more balanced. I agree with him. It would be nice to have the same number of liberal and lefty interviewees as those from the wingnut side. But this is not where Mr. Tomlinson sees problems. Rather, he thinks the PBS is a vile left-wing plot, the beating heart of the so-called liberal media, the oppressor of all things right and wingnutty, and he wants to stop this horrible state of affairs.oh help/ack
I found the whole report depressing, but it's important to pay attention to what they're up to. One can only wonder whether NPR will be next on the block...

Update: For more on what counts as "balance" these days, see this cartoon.
...magical elves will soon eat the entire deficit!

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