Friday, May 20, 2005

Simple solutions for world-wide problems

Every once in a while somebody comes up with a very simple suggestion that transforms life in the more challenging parts of the world -- whether it's overnight mosquito control in malaria-plagued regions, or ways to make inexpensive huts for refugee camps out of sandbags. Today's innovation is one that could benefit people in many parts of the world where clean water is difficult to come by: a water purifying filter made out of coffee grounds and clay, with a clod of cow manure to provide the heat that solidifies it. All things widely available in most of the relevant regions.
“They are very simple to explain and demonstrate and can be made by anyone, anywhere,” says Mr Flynn. “They don’t require any western technology. All you need is terracotta clay, a compliant cow and a match.”
Human ingenuity comes to aid of human need, once again. MacGyver would be proud.

(via boing boing)

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