Thursday, May 26, 2005

Stem cell research takes center stage

The Carpetbagger has a good post summarizing the current state of legislative debate over stem cell research. PA Senator Arlen Specter is leading the charge, his chemo-bald head shining symbolically, claiming not only enough votes to overturn President Bush's prohibition on federal funding stem cell research, but enough in reserve to override a threatened veto. The measure has already passed the House, but [cue the irony] a Republican Senator is threatening a filibuster if it reaches the Senate floor -- of course, if they can beat a veto, they can swamp a filibuster, so really the spotlight is on Frist's unenviable choice of whether to bring the measure to a vote. Scorn the widespread public support, or the rabid right-wingers who are already mad at you?

(via The Daou Report)

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