Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bad news still biting at their heels

Apparently a kerfluffle over one of Bush's Social Security "town hall" events is still having repurcussions in Colorado and in DC:
The Denver Three's quest: to learn the identity of the "Mystery Man" who, impersonating a Secret Service agent, forcibly removed them from a taxpayer-funded Social Security event with President Bush three months ago because of a "No More Blood for Oil" bumper sticker on one of their cars.
These three regular guys gals are gradually bringing the CO congressional delegation over to their side, peppering government agencies with Freedom of Information Act requests, and generally refusing to just go away, which is much the preferred response to GOP slightings. It's about time somebody made a fuss about this kind of incident, which is clearly illegal but also clearly not isolated. (Of course, the White House declares the issue settled, despite the lack of answers to any of the actual questions...)


Anonymous said...

I think they might be women, at least one of them is... ("Karen" "Alex" and "Leslie")

(It surprised me when I read it - as I'd thought all along they were men ... the 'unknown' = 'male' default is pervasive.. even though I try to resist..)


ACM said...

You know, I wondered -- I had a memory of an incident involving women, but just presumed that this was a different one. Must be the effect of the "Denver 3" designation, which makes me think of cowboys...