Monday, June 20, 2005


Think Progress has compiled a list of instances in which the Bush administration changed the results of research to fit with their policy goals. It ranges from health to land use to global warming, and comprises twelve major areas of research, without even including things like intelligence on Iraq or other redactions not yet unveiled... Just as one example,
Nationally respected Agriculture Department microbiologist Dr. Zahn discovered that hog farms were emitting drug-resistant airborne bacteria that “if breathed by humans, would make them harder to treat when ill. Zahn presented his findings at a scientific conference in 2000, but the Bush administration stopped him from publishing his data 11 times between September 2001 and April 2002, he said. When Danish researchers sought to learn more about his work, Zahn wasn’t allowed to share his techniques.”
(emphasis in the original post) We really do live in times that seem to consider knowledge something to be squelched and overcome. Dark ages, ho!

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Here's more on the Bush administration's feeling that science is bad for you...

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