Friday, June 10, 2005

Cry, my beloved country

Obsidian Wings has a wonderful heartfelt post about the things that make America a country to be proud of, and the more recent developments that have made it seem endangered.
We have been born into an astonishing country, with astonishing values. And it is our job, as citizens, to help keep alive in whatever small way we can, because, like any inheritance, it can be squandered. And the only thing that will keep it intact is if we, who have been lucky enough to inherit it, try to keep faith with those who bequeathed it to us, and do our best to preserve and enhance it for those who come after us.

One of the odd things about blogs is that they are so new, and thus most of the people who read this blog have only known me, in whatever way one knows people on the web, for a year at most. So most of you have no way of knowing that I have spent most of my life not being sick at heart about my country. Sometimes I agreed with its policies, sometimes I did not, sometimes I disagreed strongly; but for most of my life I have not felt as though what I loved about the country was in any real danger. But now I do.
owwwwA great summary about the careless damage we're doing on many fronts at once, environmental to diplomatic, and why it pains so many of us precisely because we love our country and not the reverse. She captures my sentiment almost exactly (and yet, somehow, that offers so little consolation)...

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