Friday, June 10, 2005

Demonstrating our values (not just talking about them)

An interesting new group intends to try a new approach to both activating the Democratic base and persuading others: getting numbers together to do public works as part of primary campaigns. They're hoping to get out more left-leaners in "red" parts of swing states (e.g., PA), but this could go some distance toward helping even right-leaners realize that Democrats share basic American civic values and concern about their communities. Every little bit helps, in these divisive times.

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Rep. Mark B. Cohen said...

This is a more elaborate version of the old truism that service to others is the best politics. This truism has been long practiced political organizations and public officials, to the general betterment of their communities.

A quasi-formal competition to do the most public service is a new idea. It will take a really well-organized campaign to have the resources to do it well. Dean's 2004 campaign had the Dean Corps, which did things like this, but they clearly could not reverse the overall trends to Kerry and Edwards.