Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Got your back, guy

The press loves to jump on Howard Dean, but his party should know better. If they don't want to talk the tough talk, they should be glad to have somebody who's willing to say the things that need occasional saying, and he'd be a lot more effective if they just smiled indulgently and let him run, rather than immediately discounting his statements. (For that matter, they'd be *way* better off if they stood up for his quotes as taken out of context, having factual basis, and helping distinguish the parties. But perhaps that's a pipe dream.)

Anyway, today is Support Howard Dean Day. Take a minute to read a link or two (if you've been wondering yourself) and then chip in your pennies or voice in standing up for one of the few folks standing up against the right-wing onslaught.

(via Medley)

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