Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Looking better all the time!

(As long as you don't look too close, that is.)

Cheney bullish on the outlook on Iraq, and, um, the insurgents seem to agree! Kos points out what I've been noticing for some time now:
The insurgency took some time off to reload, recruit, refresh, and evaluate its tactics. It evolved, and has struck back with ferocity. And the thing to remember is that most attacks aren't directed at US forces. They are almost irrelevent to the resistance at this point. They are striking at Iraqi security forces.
Everybody who signs up for the new Iraqi police or military becomes an immediate target -- training schools get bombed, recruits are strafed while waiting in line, etc. It's been going on for more than six months, so I'm sure nobody over there has missed the message by now, so the thing that amazes me is that anybody even tries to join anymore. Either they have amazing wells of optimism, or are truly desperate for any employment...

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