Monday, June 06, 2005

New family addition

Well, we've met the little bengal kitten who will be the next addition to our family, and will officially adopt her in July, after we get back from a trip (and after she's 9-10 weeks old). Here you see her with her sisters -- she's in the middle -- and an inset shows her face. They were quite tiny last week (at 3 weeks old) but already friendly and playful. Can't wait to see her again!
our new baby, and sisters

Two related bits of information: (1) What is a bengal cat? (or see a whole webzine here) and (2) No, stern friends of ours, we did not cruelly choose to scorn the option of a pound cat (like our 8 other cats have been). We simply had no plans to get another cat (two is a lot of cats already) until I fell in love with these spotty little things. I take full blame.

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AboveAvgJane said...

Hey, congrats! the kitten is a cutie. It must be hard to wait until July. Best of luck with the new addition.