Friday, June 03, 2005

The paradox of the contented female worker

femsignAn interesting article from last weekend talks about studies that have examined the preferences of men and women for competitive situations. They reveal differences that could underlie a portion of the disparities seen in top management jobs and the like, and that could result in both genders making decisions against their best interests.
"Even in tasks where they do well, women seem to shy away from competition, whereas men seem to enjoy it too much," Niederle said. "The men who weren't good at this task lost a little money by choosing to compete, and the really good women passed up a lot of money by not entering tournaments they would have won."
I think it's often men who lose by feeling the necessity to let corporate competition sap their home lives and health, but obviously we all benefit from a more informed basis for weighing our decisions.

(via Rebecca's Pocket)

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