Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Staying focused on the real bad guys

Senate Republicans decide it's time to reconsider funding for that questionable organization, the International Red Cross. Well, they did say mean things to us on the playground. My dad is going to beat up their dad, but good!
The ICRC is the only organization mandated by international treaty to monitor the observance of the Geneva Convention governing the treatment of prisoners, and it has the right to visit prisoners. But the GOP report charges that the group has exceeded the bounds of its mission by trying to "reinterpret and expand international law" in favor of terrorists and insurgents; lobbying for arms-control issues that are not within its mandate, such as a ban on the use of land mines; and "inaccurately and unfairly" accusing U.S. officials of not adhering to the Geneva Convention.
Oh, but, "The Senate aide denied that the report, released Monday, was motivated by a desire to punish the ICRC for embarrassing the United States on its treatment of prisoners." Of course.

(via The Rittenhouse Review)

with perfect timing, as ever, The Onion offers a related tale...

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