Thursday, June 16, 2005

Today's public service

Have way too many passwords for way too many programs and websites? Having difficulty keeping track of all of them? Here's a little program that will store your passwords in an encrypted state and recall them for you as needed. Open source (means free!) but Windows only (booo) . . .

(via Rebecca's Pocket)

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Mr. PC said...

Here's a free Mac Password Utility:
MacPasser 1.4.2
by: Kim Alstrom

MacPasser is a small and easy-to-use password rememberer (passer). Simply put, is it an application that remembers account information. You can enter the name of the services, your login names, your passwords and other information specific to each service. The information can then be saved either as an unlocked file or as a secured, encrypted file. An average user can not break the encryption, but a hacker can probably do it. If you want to give your files greater security I suggest you use a special application for that purpose. One example of such an application is PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).
Review:I have been using this tiny, simple application for a few years. I wont be too wordy, execpt to say, it rocks. Couldnt get much better for a teeny, tiny freeware program thats so easy to use. Never a problem, never a bug, never a crash. Cheers to the writer!
License: Free
PowerPC, System 7.5 or later.
Available at: