Thursday, June 09, 2005

When good snackfoods go wrong

Either brilliant, or demonic; you decide!
pudding bite?!
Jell-O pudding bites

(via mimi smartypants)


AboveAvgJane said...

demonic, definitely demonic. pudding should be eaten with a spoon. Adding some bananas is okay, but in the pudding bite form it has crossed from being pudding to being a tootsie-roll-like item. Trust me on this.

ACM said...

yeah, the scariest thing to me was the picture of a box -- are they so hard that they can bump around in there? but then there's some sort of mention of a "pouch," which leaves the possibility that it's close to finger jello in texture.

in all honesty, I quiet like the Japanese snacks called "jellies," which are a slightly firm jello that is packaged in bite-sized containers. mmmm, lychee jelly! and yet the pudding thing seems wrong...