Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Another beaut.

colonial flagAppropriate for yesterday's holiday celebrations is this great diary at dailyKos which speculates on how the Declaration of Independence might have been covered by today's media voices.
In a move termed a "last-ditch plea for relevance from a defeated insurgency" by a British Army spokesman, the Continental Congress yesterday gave final approval of a Declaration of Independence.
Really, read (or at least skim) the whole thing -- very well done, with quotes and pundit remarks and all . . .


Jessica said...

I think your site is cool and I was hoping you might link trade with me. Let me know if it is ok, and I'll add you. You can email me at Jessika1028@gmail.com, if you're interested.

ACM said...

I don't really have much of a blogroll -- the way to get links from here is to generate interesting content that I want to blog, not to pimp for exchange links. I'll bump across your posts at PhillyFuture, I'm sure.