Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Arianna does the math

This post at the Huffington Post pretty much nails the current state of affairs with regard to Rove, Plame, and the Whitehouse.chalkboard math In essence, the Bushies are relying on the formal investigation to bear the burden, rather than admitting the political (and moral) reality of Rove's action themselves, thus sidestepping once again any need to assess blame or take responsibility.
By linking the potential political fallout to the legal issue at hand, the White House can then hem, haw, and stall -- claiming that we need to let the legal system run its course -- and then hope that if special prosecutor Fitzgerald can't clear the high legal bar and indict Rove, it'll be able to claim that he's somehow been exonerated for his political sins as well.
Clever writing (go read) along the way to a serious conclusion. Maybe the newly invigorated media will really hang onto this one (even after the next court nominee hits the water) and keep the administration honest. But I'm not holding my breath.

(via Atrios)

Update: meantime Rove keeps up the attack, working a smear campaign against his critics from behind the fence...

Update2: Top Dems in House Intelligence call for Rove's clearance to be revoked.

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