Thursday, July 07, 2005

The least of many evils?

It's galling to think of Alberto Gonzales in any position of national power, with his glib acceptance of torture and seeming opinion that Presidential powers are virtually unlimited. scales of justice And yet the fierceness with which the right wing went into immediate anti-Gonzales frenzies after O'Connor's announcement is intriguing. And he appears much more moderate than many of the other short-listers for the Supreme Court. Markos makes a strong case that the left should go quietly if Gonzales is the nominee (although other dailyKos regulars feel otherwise). Most intriguing to me was this quote from People for the American Way:
As a Texas Supreme Court Justice, Gonzales repeatedly wrote or joined criticism of [Justice Priscilla] Owen's aggressive right-wing judicial activism.
Maybe he'd find the courts the right place to let loose his inner moderate. Bush likes him just enough that he might risk the wrath of his wingers to reward a long-time man-at-arms . . .

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