Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Nontrivial choices

femsignNick Kiddle at Alas, a blog, is doing the great service of sharing some of her experiences with pregnancy, both theoretical and practical. Not just mommy-blogging, but how the experience colors or gives insight into her takes on debates over abortion. Really good. In particular, I'd recommend these two:

"I'm glad you decided not to kill it" -- choosing to become pregnant is not the same as choosing to bypass abortion, and one can support the right of others to choose a course you have not had to pursue.

Pregnancy is a process: even when you're thrilled, it's a life-hijacking experience, and nobody should dismiss that cost when considering coercing women to carry all pregnancies to term.

Go, read.


Anonymous said...

I hate to carp after such kind words, but my surname is KiddLe.

ACM said...

Man, that tiny italic over at Alas is really hard to read. Fixed now though!