Friday, August 19, 2005

A closer look at John Roberts

Robert Gordon (Yale law professor et al) takes a look at the gradually focusing picture that is emerging of the current Supreme Court nominee, and concludes that there are areas in which serious questions should be asked (although not necessarily the ones getting most press). In particular, he notes plenty of Reagan-vintage evidence that Roberts favors expanding the powers of the executive (think "enemy combatants") and limiting the legal recourse of individuals (as for civil rights violations).
I expect this nominee will prove too agile for the Senate's Democrats: he will show he is familiar with arguments on all sides of contentious questions, emphasize his regard for precedent and judicial restraint, and politely decline to answer specific questions.
Well, get him on record where you can...

Update: more divining work here, where Roberts appears to pull a page from Santorum's book on the proper place of women...

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