Thursday, August 04, 2005

Do Family Values folks really value families?

In an appropriate follow-up to this previously noted story, Echidne looks at the policy positions of the "family values" clan and then looks around herself in Europe (vacationing) at the families who have restricted working hours, supported daycare, and extended vacation time to spend with their children.
These are all things that the wingnuts oppose. They also oppose environmental protection, even though that would keep children healthy, and work safety regulations, even though those could keep the parents of children healthy and alive. They oppose limitations to the amount of overtime firms can demand from workers, even though overtime means that a parent might never be at home when the children are awake. They oppose subsidized daycare, even if this means that the children of the poor are unsupervised during the day. In fact, the wingnuts oppose everything that makes family values more than just talk.
Once you recognize that their arguments don't really support families trying to get by, you're left with some unpleasant options about where their deeper loyalties lie.

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