Friday, August 12, 2005

In (some of) your own words

Mudslingers sometimes make a trade of mangling quotes from their targets so as to distort the intended meaning. Rather than stew in the outrage, Paul Begala, who was spanked by some deliberate misinterpretation of pronouns (see story here), decided to find the humorous center of the turd-pop by setting up a contest for Most Inexcusable Misquote. The winner and runners-up are delightful scramblings of quotes and intent of famous speakers...
Abraham Lincoln: I Hate America
Illinois Senate candidate Abraham Lincoln revealed yesterday that he loathes his country. Describing the nation as a "house divided," Lincoln admitted that he "cannot stand" the United States
Duncan Stevens
Very funny (in that slightly painful Orwellian way that's becoming increasingly familiar) . . .

(via XOverboard)

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