Wednesday, August 17, 2005

News from the world of science

testtubesA handful of spiffy techno-stories from the last short while:
  • Scientists are about to begin testing a nasal spray that may help dissolve the neural plaques that disrupt brain function in Alzheimer's patients. The chemicals in the spray induce the brain's own natural clean-up cells to work on the beta-amaloid that forms the tangled disruptions.
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  • A bunch of amateur tinkerers have come up with ways to boost the efficiency of hybrid cars, and conservation lobbiests are now pursuing their ideas, which could result in passenger cars that get up to 250 mpg. Most importantly, unlike the fantasy of hydrogen-powered cars and the like, these plug-in variants could be on the road tomorrow.
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  • Scientists have discovered that mosquitos are actually more attracted to people infected with malaria, especially in its transmissible stage -- in essence, it looks like the disease has found a way to hijack the insect's homing signals for its own benefit. If we can figure out what the odor signal is, perhaps we can use it as a tool to help inhibit the spread of malaria in many parts of the world.
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