Thursday, August 25, 2005

Not the religion that *I* know...

Christian fishHunter at dailyKos has an excellent rant at the televangelicals who have taken over American Christianity and turned it into a dangerous extremist movement.
I am very, very tired of hearing from Pat Robertson, Falwell, Dobson, and the rest of the Christian Pundit Class. Truly, they are little more than the Vegas showgirls of Christianity, and bear as little relationship to true, deeply felt religion as a Vegas topless show does to the more nuanced works of theatre. But damn, look at the costumes! The sets! The music!
He has a powerful list of parallels between fundamentalists here and in the Middle East, expanding on the theme discussed here previously*. For example:
  • Though not strictly part of government, hold such substantial political power as to be able to dictate many government policies, with well-known religious figures holding forth in frequent public court on government policies and actions.

  • Extremely distrustful of science as being contrary to religious values. Generally anti-intellectual.
Read the whole thing.

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