Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Off-season horserace fix

During last year's elections, I was watching more than the President and my local Senatorial race -- through kos and other sites, I became interested in and knowledgable about a bunch of promising races around the country where Dems were claiming new voting blocs and reaching out with new messages. Many of those races were long-shots, but they got some new people excited and involved.

Anyway, whether or not you were a political junkie last year, you might be intrigued by things going on in an Ohio special election right now with a dark-horse progressive candidate named Hackett. DavidNYC has a starting place...

[Also, here's a lengthy insider's take on the race.]

and here's a take on the outcome. An expected blow-out became a squeaker, and the Dem. contender is likely to come back as a statewide candidate. wow!

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