Monday, August 08, 2005

Stop running from your own values

Atrios reiterates the blogistan drumbeat that the Democrats need leaders who can articulate our values, rather than trying to apologize for or run away from them. Even the Republicans are reconsidering their right-wing positions, so there's no reason for the left to try to pick them up!
So, other than hating the gay and maybe the evils of video games, the nation is pretty much on our side. Why are we always running from these issues?
Dem donkeyYes, let's get on with the leadership already!

Digby pipes up in a similar vein:
We should sit tight. We're already in the middle, right where most of the public is. It's just that the public didn't realize it until recently. When the wingnuts start devouring each other we should tie them together and run against the whole lot. I know this because I watched it happen in the 80's. To us.
Well put.

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