Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another lame excuse

Well, I'm sneaking away again, this time for a long weekend, so nothing here tomorrow or Friday. A smattering of links and a token kitten photo to get you through.
  • Anybody feeling jumpy about disasters might want to see this general preparedness guide or this short post on preparing for a pandemic (such as the avian flu).

  • Here's an excellent post from a while back on rape as a hate crime, and specifically how it represents a dead weight on the potential freedom of wome (because they are expected to live in a smaller and smaller world in order to avoid potential assault).
    (via Medley)

  • Here's another excellent essay, providing evidence that most women don't have abortions for selfish reasons, but to allow them to keep their current families and responsibilities afloat.
    (via Bitch, PhD)

  • It turns out that gossip may serve a purpose, namely clarifying and reinforcing social norms and expectations.
    (via Follow Me Here)

  • Make your own magazine cover, out of a photo on FlickR and any amount of silliness. The applications of this seem endless...
    (via kottke)

  • A Last Supper lunchbox. No, really.
    (via Above Average Jane)

  • Also from the land of the bizarre, witness the World Beard and Moustache Championships. help!
    (via Blinq)

  • And finally, see the art of pencil chewing carving taken to new heights of artistry at this pencil carving site.
    (via boing boing’s greatest hits)

sometimes you need to recharge
Between kitten-wrestling sessions and other mania,
sometimes even Pixel needs a nap...

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