Thursday, November 10, 2005

The chick vote

An interesting side-note to this week's election results -- and one that I hope will be noticed by national Democratic strategists -- is the importance of the women's vote to the New Jersey governor's race. Corzine lost men by a narrow margin, but won women overwhelmingly, and his recipe for the win is one that many are recommending be adopted more broadly:
Senator Corzine had an agenda on "Doing What's Right for the Women of New Jersey" including health care, long-term care, equal pay and property tax relief. Perhaps more important, he framed his entire economic agenda in terms of the economics of the family.
Something everyone can take an interest in. This frame, which transcends class and puts a large number of issues into a context that everybody can relate to, seems obvious to many, but has yet to catch on. Here's hoping.

(link and headline from Atrios)

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