Monday, November 07, 2005

Choosing what we listen to

[I predict that nobody else will link these two stories..]
  • The Vatican reiterates that it's folly to ignore scientific reason.
    "The faithful have the obligation to listen to that which secular modern science has to offer, just as we ask that knowledge of the faith be taken in consideration as an expert voice in humanity."
    Fair enough. Welcome to the battle to restore the Enlightenment.
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  • Meanwhile, the government releases a major report that nobody wants to hear, concluding that electronic voting systems as they currently exist shouldn't be trusted.
    It's been a full two weeks now since the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO came out with their 107-page report [PDF] confirming what so many of us have been trying to ring the bell about for so long: The Electronic Voting Machines which are proliferating counties and states across America even as I type, are not secure, not accountable, not recountable, not transparent, not accurate and not adequately monitored or certified by anybody.
    A bipartisan Congressional committee announced the findings, but two weeks later not a single media report has appeared. Not big news in an off election year, or just too scary to contemplate? I'm more than a little scared...

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