Thursday, November 17, 2005

Growing pains

An interesting post yesterday over at MyDD about the Democratic party's increasing independence from both big donors (although Dean has taking flak for not kissing their rings) and from K-Street lobbyists (who are annoyed with Pelosi for not courting them). Instead, small donors and grassroots volunteers may be taking the party over. Imagine!!
So, Democrats are shut out of K Street, and the money that comes with it, as part of a systematic effort by the Republican Party to soak up as much corporate and lobbying money as possible. In response, Democrats find that they can raise even more money than they did in the past by turning to small, individual donors. Then, K Street and big donors get upset with Democrats for not paying attention to them anymore. Sounds like karmic comeuppance to big donors and lobbyists to me.
Amen! Bowers points out that Independents are attracted by this distancing between big politics and big money. It could be an interesting dynamic in the next couple of elections!

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