Monday, November 07, 2005

Random bit for the day

Forbes is giving you the chance to speak to your future self, by offering to store and then deliver a time-capsule email to yourself at a point up to 20 years from now. More unimaginable than what I'd want to record is any forecast of (1) the probability that I'll have a predictable email address (maybe those college alum mailboxes will really pay off here) and (2) what the internet and our interactions with it could look like in 20 years -- that long ago, my (state-of-the-art) high school computer system took up most of a small room and only sent messages within its own database . . .

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AboveAvgJane said...

There's also the relative horror of facing your actual earlier self. We usually use selective memory to gloss over our less attractive youthful qualities. At the beginning of one high school class we had to write a not to ourselves, distributed on the last day of class. It was unnerving, and that was just a few months. I sometimes keep a journal (usually for a few months at a time with gaps of years). It is not comforting to go back and read.

Twenty years!? Gads!