Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Civilized barbarity

Jeanne of Body & Soul has a wonderful piece on the practice of government executions and how we do or don't come to terms with the desire for vengeance, revulsion with same, and sitting in judgement of another's life.
I can't even tell you that I hated the pro-killing piece and appreciated the pro-life one. I hated both. I hated the whole idea of the front page of the editorial section debating whether a man should live or die. Debate a school bond. Debate the justice of a war. Debate the death penalty, even. But for Christ's sake, don't ask people to sit in their comfortable rooms on a Sunday morning and turn thumbs up or thumbs down. Should he live or should he die? Jesus or Barabbas?
Wonderfully written, touches on a number of cases and issues... read the whole thing. Even Tucker Carlson is discomfited.

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