Thursday, December 08, 2005

Daily Snark

For some reason, Bill O'Reilly's Christmas-related persecution complex has decided to take on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart had some fun with that last night, pointing out that in order to make even this (lame) attack work, O'Reilly had to dig up footage from a year ago (a painfully pregnant Samantha Bee was clearly separable from the slim wit in the clip). This morning, Greg Saunders at This Modern World also takes aim at O'Reilly's obvious lameness:
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Bill, but Jon Stewart is a Jew and Jews don’t celebrate Christmas. When you’ve sunk to the point that you’re attacking non-Christians for not celebrating Christian holidays, your witchhunt has completely jumped the shark. I say you hang this one up and prepare for your next crusade.
holiday wreathheh, about right. Some amusing other associations are included there too...

Irony update: check out these screen-grabs from O'Reilly's site... heh heh

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