Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How many signs of fascism...

new elephant...does it take before people get nervous?

Apparently the hubris doesn't stop at the White House: the House of Representatives has more or less suspended all of its rules in order to shove the budget bill through before anybody could read, let alone debate, its contents.
... Republicans have steadily degenerated from the party of law and order, to the party that is actually contemptuous of the law when it doesn't serve their purposes, and indifferent to constitutional and legislative order when it thwarts their will. What the Schiavo incident said about the true Republican attitude towards federalism and separation of powers, the "martial law" rule says about the GOP's true interest in rational policymaking and honest debate.
When did our leaders become so craven? It's hard to watch...

(via mcjoan at dailyKos)

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