Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Things that induce head-banging

  • The endless waiting-in-line that is life on Welfare.
    I've decided that there must be a giddy sense of power that comes from being able to command poor people to stand in line, at the drop of a hat. Social service agencies and poverty pimps know that as long they either terrorize people with the loss of benefits, or lure them with the promise of something free (but of implied scarcity, such as Toys for Tots or Energy Assistance), they will be able to command already-exhausted and over-extended moms and kids to wait, wait, wait.
    Anybody who thinks poverty assistance is a scam should read this post...

  • An alarming percentage of pharmacists think that their moral dilemmas should trump their customers' health needs, be it for birth control or other med. Not the patient's medical safety, mind you, but the pharmacist's queasiness with the parameters of his/her job...
(via Alas)

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