Thursday, December 29, 2005

The turning of the year...

Well, another long weekend awaits me, which means that my next post is likely to be a few days into January. Thus this post of end-of-year goodness for those inclined to reflection (or just looking for a few diversions):
  • Time Magazine offers the year in photos, with vivid reminders from hurricanes to papal passings.
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  • For the slightly more scientifically inclined, National Geographic offers their own top ten photos of the year.
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  • Even further afield, you might be amused by the top cryptozoology stories of 2005, from real animals we thought were extinct to unknown animals only partly glimpsed.
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  • Merriam-Webster reveals a list of the words most frequently looked up in the last year, which carry a lot of topical charge. I'd be curious if the question was one of meaning or of spelling...
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  • Planned Parenthood looks at the best and worst of 2005 in terms of reproductive health access, from pharmacies to politicians.
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  • The San Francisco Chronicle looks at those who passed away during 2005, and gives brief notes on who they were.
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  • Then there's always the Onion's top headlines of 2005, which are about as close to reality as most of us want to get...
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  • And finally, for everything else you might be curious about, one crazy site is attempting to compile all the "best X of 2005" lists in one place, whether it's some publication's favorite movies, a statistical list of top Yahoo searches, or a compendium of annoying people. This place could keep you busy for a while . . .
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Best winding-down of the year to all of you, and a peaceful start to 2006!

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albert said...

thanks for pointing to the TIME photoset, hadn't seen that one yet