Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The ugly just keeps piling up

Alito was a bit of an unknown when Bush nominated him -- not unknown as in No-Paper-Trail Roberts, and clearly a "real" conservative for the frothing base (read: opposed to Roe v. Wade), but a little undefined personally and politically relative to such bogeymen as Priscilla Owen or Alberto Gonzales. scales of Justice? But over the last few weeks there's been more and more on a wider and wider range of cases, showing him to be an extremist loner on many decisions and willing to go to great lengths to uphold government rights to all kinds of powers over individuals, from the merely instrusive to the violent/lethal.

So, I've made up my mind that we don't want this guy anywhere near the Supreme Court. Here are five posts that capture most of the reasons:
  1. On the war on terror (are there any limits to the government's powers?)

  2. On the meaning of reasonable force (should police be allowed to shoot a suspect merely because he's running?)

  3. On a woman's rights over her own body

  4. On keeping minorities out of Princeton (long after the battle was lost)

  5. On keeping his promises and/or showing good judgement (unwilling to recuse himself from a case involving his own mutual fund)

Update: oh, and then there's the whole creepy made-up biography business. I'm getting squicked...

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