Wednesday, December 07, 2005


A group of victims from hurricane Katrina testify in Congress about what went down, and they are unstinting in their anger and blame. In essence, they charge the government with ethnic cleansing.
One chagrinned Repuke said "Could you please refrain from calling it a Concentration Camp", to which eveacuee Leah Hodges exclaimed "No I will not! They separated children from families, did not feed us or give us water, they let people die, a woman lost her baby. And all the while trucks are going past--with no supplies--just full of soldiers with M-16s. It was like Hitler."
The link also includes some verification of some of the (new to me) claims, as that the southern parishes may have been knowingly sacrificed (their levees blown up) in an attempt to save the rest of the city. Um, wow.

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