Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I can't hear you, Icanthearyou!

Continuing the heartwarming campaign to Protect Innocent College Students from Any Challenge to Their Pre-existing Thought Patterns, the Arizona legislature is apparently considering a measure to prevent students from being forced to deal with any course materials that they don't like:
1. Requires universities under the Arizona Board of Regent’s jurisdiction and community colleges under a community college district to adopt procedures providing a student with an alternative course, coursework, learning material or activity if that student finds those offered to be personally offensive without financial or academic penalty.

2. Specifies that a course, coursework, learning material or activity is personally offensive if it conflicts with the student’s beliefs or practices in sex, morality or religion.
Because freedom to avoid or drop a class isn't enough; the student should be able to take and pass a course while avoiding the content that it wishes to cover. Idiots. Apparently they've been gunning for Women's Studies departments in AZ too...

(via knotted knickers)

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