Friday, March 24, 2006

Please say it isn't so

Salon columnist Walter Shapiro looks at the potential Democratic Presidential field for 2008 and concludes that Hillary Clinton is all but unstoppable in heading the race for the nomination. An interesting overview of how the primary candidates may be viewed, what resources they'll need to have in place, and how the shifting around of the primary schedule might benefit some players (mainly Clinton) over others.Dem donkey I recommend reading the whole thing, even if you share my gritted teeth at the prospect of having to support another wooden centrist for President...

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His bobness said...

In our country, with our free expression, and our election results (suggesting what many folks will decide on election day): must we pin our hopes on a centrist?
Look to Rousseau: "taking men as they are and laws as they might be":
Just so, men as they are.
Centist, not to my taste.
Another right-winger: vomit
Let's choose.