Friday, April 14, 2006

Another current meme debunked

Heard the recent news stories about how boys are getting the shaft in today's educational system? Much like the "educated women will never find a husband" myth (see, e.g., here or here) this alarmist story falls apart when the actual facts are examined a bit more closely:
Recently Caryl Rivers and Rosalind Chait Barnett examined the data in the Washington Post and discovered that boys are doing just fine in school unless -- wait for it -- they're black and poor. But that little caveat doesn't make it into the media: who wants to write about race and class, when we can instead run a nice distracting culture war against those nasty straw feminists?
Indeed. Solving society inequalities is hard, but accruing more reasons for bashing uppity girls is easy (and gratifying!). . .

(via Medley)

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