Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not sure why I'm so quiet

I'm reading plenty of blogs. I guess I'm a bit exhausted by the everyday record-breaking depravity of our current federal government, such that I can barely record much outrage, and there's a lot of bleak news (with more angst and hair-pulling) in the feminist world over recent rape cases and attendant brouh-hah-hah that are also a bit draining. But in fact I have a stock-piled heap of "chewy links" and "silly bits" that I should be sharing with my lovely readers, and I promise to trickle some of them forth soon.

smartypants penguinMeantime, how about some good writing, wacky personas, and shaking of fists in the wind? Let me recommend Twisty, especially in such posts as this and this, and/or Mimi Smartypants, say this, and let's not forget about that ultra-raver Dooce, e.g., this. Don't say I never showed you a good time!

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