Friday, September 29, 2006

Um, wow

SusanG does a great job of rallying those who would oppose the gutting of our American system, exhorting them not to abandon the current party system but to transform it. It's the same fight as it's ever been, and the stakes were always clear...
This republic is bigger than this despairing moment. This democracy, as many generations have witnessed, is worth sacrificing for, is worth dying for. It's hard to see it at this dark and humiliating point in our national history, when our Congress has tossed away some of our most fundamental rights, but we are lucky -- yes, I said lucky -- to have been born at a critical time in history, lucky to be participants in the great, unfolding pageant of this nation. Even at this very dark time, we are blessed. Whether we believe in a divinity or not, we have either been chosen - or the times chose us - to be the bearers of the standard for this country's ideals.
Read the whole thing, really. Thanks, I needed that.

united resistance

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