Monday, October 16, 2006

For those who know him

Pal Jeremy has been wandering the world, most recently a trip to Japan to play commentator for a backgammon tournament there -- we should all have such glamorous lives. Anyway, for those of my readers who know him and/or might randomly be interested, he's posting lots of photos to his nonce travel blog for the amusement of others. Great stuff -- makes me wonder why I ever tried to put together photo albums!!

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Fortuitous said...

Thanks for the note, ACM.

I'm actually in Japan doing other work; it was a recent trip to Stockholm where I got to play commentator for a backgammon DVD. (A DVD reporting on the 2006 World Backgammon Championships in Monte Carlo, where I had a fortuitous run.

Of course, that's precisely the kind of thing that will be clarified as I update and backdate the travel blog.

Missing you. (And probably missing anyone who happens to be reading this comment.)