Monday, November 06, 2006

Misc. links

Need more time. Have to go get election day materials from my Ward Leader. Here's some interesting stuff to bide your time until you vote...
  • Republicans in New Hampshire trying to annoy Democrats into staying home, with repeated robo-calls puporting to be from the Dem side.
    (via Medley)

  • American press covers Saddam's sentence while apparently forgetting that we backed him for several decades before we decided he was the embodiment of evil.

  • Bitch, Ph.D. looks at the ugly truth encounted by feminists who think they've got the freedom to direct their own lives, only to run up against societal expectation and structural inequalities later on. Giving up isn't a choice, but hanging in isn't a flower bed either.
That's all for me. Don't forget to vote for a change tomorrow. The country is depending on you!!

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