Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ok, it didn't last a whole day

Here's a round-up of interesting responses to the election results, their significance, etc.:
  • In theory it could take a month to get Webb/Allen results in VA. However, some speculate that Allen will concede...

  • Only after the fact is the media interested in what Democrats might do with their majority. The fact that the agenda had been spelled out, was available, and might be of interest to voters apparently didn't worry their little heads...

  • Similarly, the meme of the conservative Dem class is pretty much crap. Some conservatives and moderates, a lot of liberals, voters apparently not afraid.

  • Thanks very much due to Howard Dean for pushing his 50-state strategy, against the wishes of the incumbent-protecting machines in both houses. It paid off, both because of having people placed to take advantage of unexpected developments, and just because support of good candidates will sometimes give them a chance. Imagine the machines that have been brought into existance, and what they might accomplish!!

  • Getting less coverage than the Democratic takeover is important progress on issues:

    1. South Dakota says no to an abortion ban, indicating that extremist positions may be on their way out.

    2. Six states increase the minimum wage above federal levels, raising the quality of life of millions of low-wage workers.

  • In related but less serious news, NPR has an interesting interview with voice-over experts on how to make a scary attack ad. You gotta hear the demonstrations, using nursery rhymes!!
    (via Alas a Blog)

Update: Hastert will step down from leadership. Better late than never.
(via Talking Points Memo)

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