Monday, December 04, 2006

Good news, bad news

glazed lookJust can't catch a lasting wind...
  • Good news: John Bolton resigns, as Bush folks concede he'll never be confirmed.

  • Bad news: A dailyKos piece reveals the human price of deregulation, as the Bushies cater to their corporate pals.

  • Good news: Harry Reid may set the Senate schedule to prevent recess appointments in future, although the usual 10-day wait is only tradition, meaning that the President may just ignore it and appoint people over lunch break (or the Senate may revolt over their short holidays).

  • Bad news: Bitch, Ph.D, is feeling a bit ill about our breaking of Jose Padilla, who appears to have lost touch with reality through his years of confinement and interrogation.

  • 20-20 Hindsight: Washington Post notes that the reasons given by Congressfolk who voted against the Iraq war have largely been proven true. Too bad not a word of their thoughts made the paper at the time . . .

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