Thursday, December 07, 2006

Iraq Study Group shouts into the hurricane

Kos gives a round-up of reactions to the report. Atrios has my favorite:
Tony Snow on the ISG:
The one thing they thought was absolutely important was to rebuild a sense of national unity on this, and that was their overwhelming objective.
There is national unity. To get the fuck out.
Uh, pretty much yep. Also on point is some hearkening back to the Vietnam era (oh! unspeakable!):
Welcome to 1968: everyone knows the war must end and victory is unachievable, but the will to actually withdraw in full remains unpalatable to the political class. Bush will have a very hard time recommitting the country to a chimerical "victory" in Iraq. But in the name of “responsibility,” thousands more will die, for years and years, as the situation deteriorates further. Someone, at sometime, will finally have to say "enough," and get the United States out.
Sigh. I hope that's wrong, but the troops sound pessimistic too...

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